The cotton
All stages of cotton production have been free from poisonous substances for at least 6 years. It is grown on land that is triennially rotated with alfalfa, soya, sesame seed, or peanuts. Alfalfa (a legume) is a crop that naturally improves the soil, and fixes nitrogen from the atmosphere, the most important fertiliser for the cotton plants. Molasses and garlic water are used as fertilisers which also reduce problems caused by insects. No DDT is used, nor DDT under another name, which is otherwise a common practice.
There is no need to use defoliants such as Agent Orange or salt water at harvest time since, in Northern Texas, the leaves naturally fall off following the first frosts.

The cotton is grown, spun, woven, and sewn without the use of any injurious chemicals. Most important is that the organic cotton is kept apart from other cotton during all stages of manufacture. Our cotton is carded entirely without toxic chemicals. Only hot water or citric acid are used in the rinsing process.
No chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonia, arsenic, nickel, lead, chrome, mercury, acrylamide chlorine or lye etc. are used.

Certificates are issued by the Texas Dept. of Agriculture, which monitors all stages of the process. The cotton bales are sealed and marked with code numbers by the US Dept. of Agriculture, which accompany the cotton through all stages of production.

Organically grown Texas cotton is the finest in the world from the quality and health perspectives.
The cotton is not genetically modified, which is otherwise a common practice (about 60%).
Organically produced cotton is perfect for feminine hygiene products, naturally!
Organic cotton lasts about 3 times longer than conventionally grown cotton, since the fibres are entirely undamaged by harmful substances.
Our finished cotton products are white.

When the cloth is dyed, this is done using approved dyes. It takes place in fully closed systems, where nothing is discharged to the drains. The dyes are entirely free from benzidine, formaldehyde etc. They are also organic and contain nothing harmful.
When printing is required, this is done at an approved printer=s in Sweden. The printing ink is water-borne pigment paint, with no solvents.

TOCMC supplies raw cotton for making feminine hygiene products, yarn, woven cloth and finished products made from organic cotton.