The Company
Founded in 1981, Dibb AB is the largest importer of organically-grown cotton to Europe. Dibb AB supplies raw cotton for making feminine hygiene products, yarn, woven cloth and finished products made from organic cotton throughout Scandinavia and USA. All production and manufacture takes place in EU.

In March 1995, Dibb AB was granted the SIS Environmental SWAN mark, as the first and only textile company in the Nordic area. It applies to all TDA certified cotton from Dibb AB throughout Scandinavia. Licence number 339 001.
Conventionally-produced cotton is one of todays most sprayed crops. In consequence the production of organically produced cotton is on the increase. With conventional cotton containing about 250 different hazardous chemicals that contain carcinogenic and allergenic substances it causes problems for manufacturers and users alike.

SIS Ecolabelling
Dibb is working with it´s suppliers for long term improvements of the producers environmental impact and the working condition. DIBB´s Code of Conduct is ILOs convention about workibg conditions and right in working life:

- Child labour - Forced Labour - Health and safety - Discrimination
- Freedom of association and Right to Collective Bargaining
- Discipline - Working Hours - Compensation.

Dibbs supplier must sign the code of conduct and promise to fullfill the demands.