Cotton stripper

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The cotton
All stages of cotton production have been free from toxic substances for at least 6 years. The cotton is grown on land where crops rotate to alfalfa, soya, sesame seed or peanuts every third year.
Production of cotton cloth consists of four stages: carding, spinning, knitting/weaving and finishing.
The cotton is grown, spun, woven, and sewn without the use of any harmful substances.
Most important is that this cotton is kept apart from other cotton at all stages of manufacture. Our cotton is entirely carded without the use of any toxic chemicals, with only hot water or citric acid being used when rinsing.

Conventionally produced cotton has become a considerable health hazard for both manufacturers and users.
This is because conventional cotton consists of some 250 different injurious chemicals that contain carcinogenic, irritant and allergenic substances.

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